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PC Repair
Small Business Services
Custom Builds and Upgrades

Computer, PC, Laptop and Tablet Repair

At PC-NE, we provide a quick, friendly and straightforward repair service for a multitude of IT issues, including:

Software Problems
Virus Removal
Hardware Faults
Windows and Operating System Restoration
Upgrades and Future-Proofing
Custom Builds
Data Recovery
Networking and Internet Connectivity Issues

Our service is home-based for your convenience, competitively priced and we are available at all times, 7 days a week, so we are reachable for all emergencies. We cover the entire North-East of England, including Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham and Northumberland.

Small Business Services

For new and small businesses, we can provide a very cost-effective solution to both the setting up and ongoing maintenance of IT systems. Our experience with custom builds and networking allow us to tailor your hardware exactly to your needs, meaning no superfluous costs or underperforming systems.

We know that efficiency is key and our aim is to keep your lost time due to technical issues to a minimum by being available on short notice. An ongoing service is available on request.

Security is of paramount concern, so we can setup protection and provide instruction to keep your information and systems safe. We can help you create and maintain backup systems and fail-safes to guarantee peace of mind and maximum security for your business.

Custom Builds and Upgrades

Whether looking to breathe new life into an aging PC, buy a new computer on a budget or a powerful system for enthusiasts, we can put together a bespoke system tailored exactly to your needs for a very competitive price. As we will be creating a computer precisely for your requirements, there will be no unnecessary components installed, keeping prices low and preventing bottlenecking - a problem often experienced by people who buy PCs from large retailers. We can give an extended consultation to identify exactly what your requirements are and what solutions are available to you.

If your computer is running slowly, we can also advise on expanding the existing components which can extend the lifespan of an aging system or vastly improve performance.

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